Theresa Thelen-Clemmons
Theresa Thelen-Clemmons

Occupational Therapist

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Theresa now calls Brooklyn home. After studying documentary photography at Seattle University and Sociology at Hunter College, she earned her Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University. She has enjoyed working with CTD since 2015 in a variety of settings from charter schools to public pre-k. Theresa is committed to working with children and their families to promote more engaged and independent lifestyles at school and home. In her spare time, Theresa is the vice-president of The World Lens Foundation, an international non-profit, dedicated to arts education.

You are perfect as is

1. My husband and I were very happy with the level of service CTD provided for our family. Secretarial staff was polite, friendly and efficient. Ms. Marianne Rho is an amazing professional: knowledgeable, patient, kind and engaging.
2. The structure of a session would include 5-10 minute conversation with parents. This gave us all necessary information about our childs progress. We always felt like we are in the know and we appreciate this level of consideration a lot.
3. You are perfect as is. I wish  you had a place near Brighton Beach so we dont have to part our ways.
Thank you very much for everything! We will be happy to cerenade about you on any number of websites!
Lots of love and gratitude,
Tatyana, Leonid and Levy
Tatyana, Leonid, and Levy, New York, NY

From the start, Marianne got my son's issues

When other professionals couldnt express or observe what was happening, Marianne was it and she created fun ways to help him with these challenges.
Mel, New York, NY

CTD has been so great with finding wonderful therapists.

CTD has been so great with finding wonderful therapists who get our son and whose schedules fit ours. Their location is great for us, since we live uptown but work downtown