Handwriting Without Tears® in Hoboken, NJ

Handwriting Without Tears® in Hoboken, NJ

Does your child struggle with handwriting or get easily frustrated?

Come enroll with Connect the Dots Occupational Therapy and Kidville Hoboken for a fun and interactive 10 session handwriting workshop that will help engage your child to both develop and gain confidence in their handwriting skills. Taught by a Handwriting Without Tears ® certified Occupational Therapist, your child will be sure to get the well deserved attention and training they need in order to be successful as they begin to enter their schooling years. They will first receive a screening to determine correct placement, and will be followed with ten 45 minute sessions.   Your child will be sure to master the techniques needed in order to become more familiar and confident in their practice and skills.
Children who master handwriting are better, more creative writers. The earlier we teach children to master handwriting, the more likely they are to succeed in school, and write with speed and ease in all subjects. We use fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate instructional methods to enable children to master handwriting as an automatic and comfortable skill.

We will be offering this workshop for Pre-K and Kindergartners-1st grade.

We will be offering a FREE demo workshop on Thursday, May 31st at 6pm. The demo will also take place in Kidville Hoboken:
1202 Shipyard Ln
Hoboken, NJ 07030

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The workshop includes one screening and 10 treatment sessions: $750
We are also happy to offer a private, in home workshop: $1100

Initial screening will take place on June, 28.  Workshop will take place for roughly 5 weeks from July-August. Exact dates are still TBD.
TBD. Workshop dates will be two times a week for 45 minutes.Please let us know which days and times work best for you, and we will do our best to accommodate to your schedule.
Contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!