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Connect The Dots is a pediatric occupational therapy clinic specializing in sensory integration

Our goal is to build upon your child’s strengths to promote further independence in daily activities of life, thus empowering every child step by step. We take a holistic approach in evaluating your child to understand how occupational therapy can most positively impact their life.

In conjunction with their caregivers, teachers and health practitioners, we will take part in connecting the dots and determining a treatment plan that can address the immediate as well as long term needs of every child.

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Connect the Dots Occupational Therapy, PLLC has been awarded as a top Occupational Therapy practice with some of New Yorks best Occupational Therapists.

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how we can help
  • Handwriting Assessment

  • Remediation Classes

  • School and Home based services depending on your child’s needs

  • Therapeutic Listening (R) Program
    with Full CD Rental Program

  • Facility based Early Intervention

  • CPSE

  • RSA Mandated Therapy

Founder and Director of Connect the Dots OT
Marianne Rho
Marianne Rho
Marianne Rho, founder of Connect the Dots, has been a pediatric occupational therapist since 1998…
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You are perfect as is

1. My husband and I were very happy with the level of service CTD provided for our family. Secretarial staff was polite, friendly and efficient. Ms. Marianne Rho is an amazing professional: knowledgeable, patient, kind and engaging.
2. The structure of a session would include 5-10 minute conversation with parents. This gave us all necessary information about our childs progress. We always felt like we are in the know and we appreciate this level of consideration a lot.
3. You are perfect as is. I wish  you had a place near Brighton Beach so we dont have to part our ways.
Thank you very much for everything! We will be happy to cerenade about you on any number of websites!
Lots of love and gratitude,
Tatyana, Leonid and Levy
Tatyana, Leonid, and Levy, New York, NY

From the start, Marianne got my son's issues

When other professionals couldnt express or observe what was happening, Marianne was it and she created fun ways to help him with these challenges.
Mel, New York, NY

CTD has been so great with finding wonderful therapists.

CTD has been so great with finding wonderful therapists who get our son and whose schedules fit ours. Their location is great for us, since we live uptown but work downtown

He looks forward to his time at CTD

My 11 year old son has been coming to CTD for a while now. He enjoys his therapist Karen and looks forward to his time at CTD. Karen is caring and seems to be genuinely invested in my sons growth.  
Powell, New York, NY

Connect the Dots has been a wonderful find

From the first phone call and through scheduling and contacting the DOE, CTD has been so consistent with following through on everything. Therapists and the setting itself is very warm and welcoming.

We are so incredibly happy with CTD

My daughter has a patient, wonderful OT and weve seen fantastic progress.

CTD has been life changing

Our daughter had difficulties with reading, writing and control of her body. After three months with Marianne, our daughter was a happy confident kid doing very well in school.

Dramatic improvement in our son's speech and sensory regulatory issues

We have seen a dramatic improvement in our sons speech and sensory regulatory issues since he started at Connect The Dots. Although John works extremely hard, he has fun and it feels like play; he comes out happy and relaxed. The thing I like most about CTD is the amount of feedback I get after every session explaining what John is working on and how we can continue it at home.

Connect the Dots is an absolute find

Connect the Dots is an absolute find. My husband, child therapist and I all feel very fortunate that our 5 year old son is under Marianne and Renanas expert care. Our son suffers from non verbal learning disorder and sensory processing disorder. CTD staff have been thoughtful and compassionate about designing a therapeutic program specially suited for our sons particular needs. The instructors have endless patience and compassion for the children and teach them important skills in a very clean and safe environment. It is also easily accessible to several subway lines. We commute from the upper west side 4xs a week because it is such a high quality establishment.
Kimberly, New York, NY

"We recommend this place 100"

I believe that Connect the Dots is the best place for childrens therapy in New York. My son has multiple disabilities (sensory, fine motor, cognitive, and behavioral) and he has greatly benefitted from the approach at Connect the Dots. Whats more, the staff and therapists have always been extremely accommodating. We recommend this place 100%
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Listen For Change

Sue Sonkin is a seasoned occupational therapist with extensive experience in sensory integration and SIPT certified.  After many years of owning and operating a trans-disciplinary  early intervention facility, Sue is now limiting her practice to Tomatis Listening Training.  She is the only Tomatis Level 3 Consultant in NewYork City.  Her services are also available in New Jersey and Westchester. Feel free to ask her questions and check out her website.

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